Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Happy Mother's Day" kit

Happy Mother's Day out there! This kit is to pay tribute to my own mother. This is the 2nd Mother's Day after her unexpected death in December 2006. I miss her so much, especially on special days that make me think of her. My mother taught me to love and be kind. My mother taught me to be honest. My mother taught me to have faith. My mother taught me to pray to my Father in Heaven and turn to Him for guidance. My mother taught me to laugh and to enjoy life. My mother taught me how to have a wonderful marriage. My mother taught me the importance of giving time to those most important to me. She and my dad raised 5 children, and we all love each other so much because of her example to us. Since her passing our family is closer then ever (which I would have never thought possible since we were close to begin with). She is an inspiration to me, as well as anyone who knew her. I look forward to the day that I will see her again. I believe that families are eternal and she taught me that.

My mom loved flowers and she also loved bright colors. The colors in this kit were ones she wore often. She also LOVED to doodle. There was always a pad of paper and pen next to the phone, and pretty much after any conversation she had finished, you'd see a page full of doodles. Often she would doodle hearts with "RD + SD" written in the middle of them (those were my parents' initials). I decided to doodle some flowers to make this kit. I hope you enjoy using it. Happy Mother's Day!