Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Happy Father's Day" kit

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day! (I'm sure the majority of you are NOT fathers, but I hope it was well all the same.) I dedicate this kit to all my father figures out there. I am so lucky to have the dad that I do. He is kind, honest, respectful, loving, hardworking, humble, fun and loves to go to church and do what is right. He has been an example to me my ENTIRE life, and I have always been able to talk with him about anything. The most important thing my dad has done for me was to give me of his time. One of the papers in this kit focuses on just that.

After my mom passed away a year and a half ago, my siblings and I really grew close to him. This is a picture of our family a year ago. We took a trip that my mom and dad had planned before she had died, to a place called Nauvoo, Illinois. It was such a memorable experience.
I also want to dedicate this kit to my own husband, Cory. He and I have been blessed with 4 amazing children, and Cory is the perfect father for them. Whenever he comes home from work he looks forward to seeing them. He is their jungle gym. He takes our girls on dates and he also loves his male bonding time with our son. He helps our kids to feel important and he praises them well. I am so lucky to have him for my husband, and my kids are so lucky that he is their father. (By the way, all the plaid in this kit is inspired by my husband's new infatuation with plaid shorts!)I hope you enjoy this kit!