Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My baby girl...

Hello fellow digi-scrappers! Many of you have been writing me personal emails for various reasons. Some have written to show me layouts you have created with my kits. Some have written wondering how I create my papers and how you yourselves can get started designing pages. Others have written to ask how my baby Claire is doing. I appreciate all of the emails and love to hear from you!

At this time I just want to apologize that I might not have time to reply to everyone's emails. My sweet girl was just diagnosed with a disease called Tuberous Sclerosis (you can click here to read about it on my personal blog). So right now taking care of her and my family are my priority.

I know I will still need my creative outlet, so I will keep designing kits when I get a chance. I just wanted to explain in advance why I might not reply to your emails. I still enjoy reading them, so feel free to keep sending them. Thank you so much!