Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Conversation Cards

I had made these Conversation Cards for the young women at my church to be able to take home to their families to use around the dinner table. Some people had seen it on my personal blog and wondered if they could get copies. So here they are. They were created as 4x6 images, so you can take them to wherever you go to get regular pictures developed (I recommend choosing either a lustre or matte finish and NOT the glossy because with glossy people's fingerprints will get on them).

When I created these, I hadn't planned on posting them ever on the internet so I didn't really pay attention to whose kits I was using. So this is my best shot to giving credit to the designers:

Age, Grow Up & Good Things cards:
Gina Cabrera - Compassion

Best Friend, Childhood Memories, & Person Across Table cards:
Rhonna Farrer – April Free Pea kit

Christmas Memory & Christmas Want cards:
Shabby Princess – Seasonal Sampler (holiday)

Embarrassing & Happy Face cards
Anne Langpap – Two Peas July freebie

Birthdate & Birthday Memory cards:
MaryAnn Wise – Two Peas Party Hat

Favorite Color card:
Amy Tanabe – Candyland kit

Count Backwards & Favorite Movie cards:
Summer Driggs – Moments

Favorite Meal card:
Shabby Princess – Dinner Party

Good, Happy & Home cards:
Rhonna Farrer – Two Peas in a Bucket August Freebie

Favorite Hobby, Favorite Season & Name Choice cards:
Shabby Princess – Festival Kit

Sad card:
Gina Cabrera – Adore kit

Travel & Vacation cards:
Rhonna Farrer – Two Peas in a Bucket Travel kit

Mom card:
Michelle Coleman – Clair de Lune & Good Kharma kit Brown Belt - Nancie Rowe Janitz - Mary Jane Kit

Sports card:
Tia Bennet – Two Peas Football kit

Million Dollars card:
Dani from Scrapbook Bytes – Vintage Artistry

Dad & Favorite Book cards:
Angie Briggs – Tomboy

Dessert card:
Jasbeanie – Awfully Chocolate

Seven Dwarves & Favorite Holiday cards:
Sara Carling – Authentic

Born, Favorite Song & Tongue Twister cards:
Sarah Batdorf – Arboretum

Favorite Animal card:
Christina Bartholomew – Zoo kit

Funniest Face card:
Shabby Princess – Express Yourself

Winter card:
Shabby Princess – Seasonal Holiday

the vintage frame used a few times:
Rhonna Farrer – Color My World

The cards I could not find the designers to give credit for: Hero, Scripture Story, Joke, Pet Peeve, School, Summer, Weather (however the pumpkin & snowman in the weather card were created by myself).