Saturday, August 23, 2008

Limeade Kit

When we came home from the hospital after Claire's surgery a lot of friends from our church and neighborhood were so kind to bring us dinners. Well, one family came over with a pitcher of homemade limeade. I had never had limeade before and I just loved was so refreshing! I told them how much I loved it and they brought over 9 more limes along with the recipe. I pretty much crave limeade every day now (perhaps we'll plant a lime tree in our backyard!)

I love the color of limes. So that was my inspiration for this next kit. I am also including in the kit a 4x6 card of the recipe. Enjoy!

Download the free "Limeade" kit here:
Limeade kit - Part 1
Limeade kit - Part 2

Claire update: Her surgery went well and she has been seizure-free for 12 days now!!! We are home and doing well. I keep my personal blog pretty updated about what's happening if you ever feel like checking in. Thanks to all for your prayers and words of encouragement. We have definitely felt unseen strength.