Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby Bree Update...

I am just amazed at the outpouring of love you have all shared. The donations, the prayers, the thoughts, the emails have just been amazing. You are all so wonderful!

Bree had her first round of chemotherapy last week. This is a picture of Justin and Kari with their boys trying to still keep life "normal" for their sons. They took the boys trick-or-treating, and then headed back to the hospital to be with Bree.I just spoke with Bree's grandma who is answering calls at the house. Bree is in the hospital right now because her white blood count is too low. They've given her a growth hormone stimulating factor (neucopene) to stimulate her white blood cells to grow new cells (neutrophils) that would bring her back up. Her red blood count also dropped so she had a blood transfusion this morning.

On Friday they received results back from an MIGB scan which basically let them know that the cancer had spread into the long bones of her arms & legs, shoulder bones and pelvis.

She will have her next chemo treatment on November 21st so Kari has asked that people pray extra hard that day.

Kari said, "Despite all of this Bree has been very content. She is laughing and smiling more and doesn’t seem as nauseated. Her personality has been a breath of fresh air for us. Her sweet temperament brings a smile to our face as we deal with this disease."And the last comment Kari made at the end of her post is such an example to me. She said, "So we had a few set backs this week. But we also realize that is part of the deal. If it were all easy then it wouldn’t be a trial of faith. If everything always went as planned then there wouldn’t be room for any miracles."

I am planning on going to deliver the gift basket this Thursday (November 13th). You truly have been amazing and I am so excited to bring a little bit of sunshine to the Cook family that came from so many amazing people....most of them complete strangers to the Cooks. If any donations come for their family after this time, I will be sure and get it to them. Thank you so much!!!!

Summer Driggs