Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Commercial License Terms and Pricing

Below, you will find all the information necessary for purchasing a Summertime Designs COMMERCIAL LICENSE. This license is not intended for large business or re-distributors. Unless a commercial license is purchased, Summertime Designs products may be used for PERSONAL use only. If you would like to use my kits as a way of making money (photo cards, greeting cards, blog backgrounds that you create for a fee, etc.) then I would ask that you purchase a commercial license. And…please remember that a commercial license does not give you the right to do anything you want with these products. Please be sure to carefully read the terms that you are agreeing to. Thank you!
Use these products in your photography and/or design business to the extent listed below:

Create custom cards, layouts, blog backgrounds and invites for your clients provided that they only receive final, flattened versions of the product (i.e. no psd files, no individual papers/elements files, etc).

You may use samples created with Summertime Designs products in your galleries and portfolios.

You may use the graphics in your web design projects. Also…credits must be given on the website (graphics created by Summer Driggs at www.summertimedesigns.blogspot.com. Please note that using these graphics on ANY eBay page (about me or item for sale) requires a commercial license as well as credit given to Summer Driggs.

You may NOT:
Claim these graphics as your own either in their original state, or in an altered state.
Distribute these graphics in any format except for the uses defined above. In no way may you design templates with these pages to sell on any CD, website, eBay or in any other form.
Print or have printed these papers for sale or distribution via internet, kits, retail locations or any other venue.
Produce projects for mass production or distribution. This license allows for small business use only.
1) Read the terms and conditions listed above (as well as pricing information below). If you have any questions at all…please feel free to email me and I’ll be happy to help.
2) Click on the ‘apply for a commercial license’ link on the righthand side of my blog.
3) Copy and paste the application in an email, answer the questions and send it to me at mamadriggs@yahoo.com. Be sure to let me know the products that you wish to purchase a license(s) for.
4) Once I have reviewed your application and received payment I will forward you your copy of the Commercial License Agreement.

If you have any questions – please feel free to ask!

The only thing I ask is this…IF you are not happy about the process or pricing…I totally understand and respect that…but, please do not email me to complain about the pricing as I feel that I have researched this thoroughly and have been more than fair.
You must purchase a license for EACH kit that you plan to use in the manner outlined above. Even if you only need/want to use ONE paper from a kit…you still must purchase the license.

Price: $20 per kit. It does not expire ever.

Price: $100 - this applies to anything on www.summertimedesigns.blogspot.com. It does not expire ever and it includes any kits I have currently created as well as any future kits.
Terms subject to change without notification.

Application for Summertime Designs Commercial License

Please email the below information to me at mamadriggs@yahoo.com.

first name:

last name:




business name:

business email:

business address:

phone number:



Please describe the intended use of the products:

Which product(s) do you wish to purchase a Commercial License for?