Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Vintage Oreos kit

I'm back! And I hope I don't disappoint anyone, but I was TRYING to get together a spring kit, and it just wasn't coming to me. Instead this color combination came to me. I know it's only two colors, but I still love the way they look together. I thought of calling it "Vintage Oreos" because it reminded me of some old-fashioned Oreos. My husband said, "Where is the color of the white cream filling?" And I told him that because I added the word "Vintage" to the title, that it made it okay that the color wasn't a bright white but more of a cream color. Call me crazy!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Having trouble downloading the kits?

Hello fellow digi-scrappers! First of all, I had my baby...YEAH! She was born on Tuesday March 4th and here she is:
Secondly, some of you have said that you have been having a tough time downloading some of the kits. I asked the customer service agent of where I have my kits posted why this may be, and this was his reply:

"User downloading session limit is reached. Please try again in a few minutes" means that too many people are downloading files from your account at the same time. It is necessary to wait some time until someone will finish his download and try again. This does not generally mean your files are not available.

So all I can say is WOW! I never knew that there would be so many people wanting my kits. Thank you! That encourages me to want to go and make more! (But it may take a short while before I do a new one...I want to enjoy our family's new little baby!) Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement with the delivery. Everything was great!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Relax Kit

I am at the last stage of my pregnancy. (Less than 2 weeks to go...yeah!!!) My hospital bag is packed, the house is all clean (for the most part), and now I am just needing to RELAX! After a night of good sleep, I woke up with these colors in my head. I hope you enjoy this kit.

Download the free kit here: