Saturday, January 31, 2009

14 Days of Valentine's kit

Hello everyone! As I was creating my Valentine's kit, I thought a lot about my parents and their relationship. My mom unexpectedly passed away just over 2 years ago. One thing that I was so grateful to have learned from her was how important it is to stay newlyweds. She and my dad had been happily married for over 35 years. And it was all the little things that kept them happy. They would write Post-It love notes to each other and hide them in places throughout the house. I remember every time my dad was on his way home from work, my mom would go to her room and spray perfume on and reapply lipstick. They went on weekly dates. They were in so much love.

One of her favorite holidays was Valentine's because she LOVED romance! She started a tradition called the "14 Days of Valentine's". (She snagged it from the 12 Days of Christmas). So starting on February 1st, all the way through to the 14th she would do little things for my dad each day. It might be a little candybar. Sometimes a simple back massage. I remember one year that one of the days she went and smooched lipstick kisses all over the windows of his car. It didn't take long for my dad to figure out that this should be reciprocated. So after that first year, they did the 14 Days of Valentine's each year of their marriage.

(I snagged this from my sister's blog)

My parents had 5 kids. Four of us are married, and we all carry on the tradition of the 14 Days of Valentine's in our own marriages.

So that is why this kit is called "14 Days of Valentine's," because when I think of Valentine's Day, I have never thought of just the one day. It has always been the 14 days leading up to it. I hope you enjoy this kit, and maybe start your own 14 Days of Valentine's tradition! (Oh, and sorry this isn't a "traditional" Valentine's kit. There are no hearts, and the colors are not just the reds and pinks. I felt like throwing in some other colors and go more with the rose theme.)