Friday, January 9, 2009

Color Choice Contest!

Okay, so I am in the mood to get started on a new kit, however, I cannot think of a color scheme. (I know Valentine's is just around the corner, but I wanted to be working on something before then).

So, I am interested to know what you are interested in! Anyone who wants to, I want you to go to this website and choose 3 colors that you would like to see as a combination in a kit. I need to know the name/codes of the colors. I will accept people's ideas until Tuesday the 13th. I will choose my top favorites, and then I will let YOU vote for which one is your favorite. The one with the most votes will be the colors that I use to create my next kit! (Hopefully this makes sense).

Click here to go to the website.

(Or you can tell me something like, "I like the brown, lime green and turquoise combination.") But it would be helpful to have the exact code/name.

Let's get our creative juices flowing!