Friday, January 9, 2009

Color Choice Contest!

Okay, so I am in the mood to get started on a new kit, however, I cannot think of a color scheme. (I know Valentine's is just around the corner, but I wanted to be working on something before then).

So, I am interested to know what you are interested in! Anyone who wants to, I want you to go to this website and choose 3 colors that you would like to see as a combination in a kit. I need to know the name/codes of the colors. I will accept people's ideas until Tuesday the 13th. I will choose my top favorites, and then I will let YOU vote for which one is your favorite. The one with the most votes will be the colors that I use to create my next kit! (Hopefully this makes sense).

Click here to go to the website.

(Or you can tell me something like, "I like the brown, lime green and turquoise combination.") But it would be helpful to have the exact code/name.

Let's get our creative juices flowing!


Alyson P. said...

2A1329, D5A534, B55D28
I found these on under the dress category. The photo they are generated from is called Wish Upon a Star. It also includes colors FFF083 and 71443D.

Michele said...

Hi here are the codes of the color I'd like to see:
raspberry #872657
wavecrest #99CDC9
mintcream(SVG) #F5FFFA

Jaquescrapper said...

How about these colours?
pink jeep #E0427F
skyblue5(Safe Hex3) #0099CC
ghostwhite(SVG) #F8F8FF

WheelyGig said...

Cadmiumlemom - FFE303
Corn - FBEC5D
CatEye - BEE554
These are my daughters favorite colors and I am making her a "20th" birthday book showcasing these colors.

PS... Claire and Breezy are in our prayers.

ChriSpenceRachel said...

I like this palette at kuler. Looking forward to you new kit! thanks for all your hard work!

Connie Babe said...

These made my eyes happy:
snow2 #EEE9E9
salmon5 #6F4242
indianred4 #8B3A3A

Moe said...
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Moe said...

How about
cyan3 #00CDCD
chartreuse verte #BCE937
rawumber #734A12 (darker would be better but i could not find the right dark brown)

throw in a little
permanent redviolet #DB2645
white(Safe 16 SVG Hex3) #FFFFFF
For accents

an outfit from Catimini that my daughter was given. was my inspiration

rebecca said...

midnightblue(SVG) #191970 (or navy just above this color)
blue ridge mtns #4981CE
wheat #D8D8BF
...something along these lines. The wheat could go greyer. This pallette is nice for snowy day or beach photos.
I'm always a sucker for pink and green too!
Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Melissa said...

greenstamp #5D9160
skyblue3 #6CA6CD
mustard(Hex3) #FFCC11
I think a lot of people are READY for spring! So I picked the green grass, blue sky and yellow sun in country-ish kind of colors :)

Heather said...

saw this on inchmark and thought it so cheer and fun.

so - orange and spring green

Anonymous said...

I was thinking that since so many people take vacations at this time of the year a "Hawaiian Themed" kit might be fun and colorful. So I suggest: #FF3300, 7AE4FF and #A2FF7A.

Good luck choosing! Everyone's ideas are wonderful! And your kits are all wonderful so anything you do will turn out great ;)

joyinhim said...

I really like combos of creams, pink and chocolate or creams, turquoise and chocolate...Here are a few colors I saw...good luck choosing - ANYTHING you do is ALWAYS sublime!

sienna4 #8B4726
bakerschocolate #5C3317
chili #D44942
indianred1 #FF6A6A
sgiteal #388E8E
cadetblue2 #8EE5EE

Monica said...

What about a citrus color scheme? That would be fun especially for those of us in the cold weather.

Or a pink/brown color scheme. Those colors always make me happy.

Hugs, Monica

Jamie said...

I like...

Penny B. said...

These are the colors I picked:
Mixed my own colors, chocolate, pink, orange and pale pink and green

Amanda Pfeifer said...

I love the look of browns with colour.. warm and cozy for winter time.
very dark brown 5c4033
rosy brown3 cd9b9b
brown 802a2q

Martha said...

Summer, I just discovered your are so talented and generous! Thanks for all the adorable free kits!
I would like something boy-ish. It's hard to find boyish designs out there, and these would go really good with my 15 month old's eyes;
picasso blue #0276FD,
green4 #008B00
sign yellow #FCD116

Jacki said...

What about a birthday kit in bright colors. Love your stuff! Thanks!

JuliesAddiction said...

I really like to use kuler when playing with colors and this is the one I came up with:
It reminds me of being in the mountians in the snow on a bright sunshiney day, white for snow, green for foliage, blue for sky, brown for the tree trunks and yellow for the bright sunshine. I think the yellow/brown/white colors as main and the blue and green as accent.

Kendra said...

For Valentines Day, I would love to see a Chocolate-inspired kit, with Chocolate brown, light pink, and white-chocolate white.

But in the mean time I think these colors would be fun to play with:

cerulean #05B8CC
sign red #AF1E2D
lemonchiffon(SVG) #FFFACD

Crystal said...

deepskyblue4 #00688B
sign brown #603311
smyrna purple #A2627A

I like these 3 three colors.

Kendra said...

Scratch that. I'm not sure my screen displays the colors accurately but the red in the above scenario needs to be darker, maybe like bordeaux #99182C?

Bev said...

I love these colours together
Bubblegum FF92BB
Pale Turquoise AEEEEE

hugs Bev x

High Heels and a Sippy Cup said...

I'd love to see a modern/graphic design that is still feminine with these colors:
orange #FF7F00
semisweet chocolate #6B4226
light blue # 8DB6CD
and white #FFFFFF

Britiney said...

I love red, yellow, and a dusty blue. Something like:


Kelly said...

goldgreen(Hex3) #AADD00
corn #FBEC5D
gold4 #8B7500

and you could throw in a punch of
bloodorange(Hex3) #CC1100

I love your designs!

Sommer said...

semisweet chocolate1 #6B4226
paleturquoise3 #96CDCD
newtan #EBC79E

I love anything you do! You've helped me create some great projects! Thank you!


Jenn said...

I picked out this color combination
wavecrest #99CDC9
semisweetchocolate 1 #6B4226
bubble gum #FF92BB

Crazymamaof6 said...

deeppink2 #EE1289
cotton candy #F7B3DA
black(Safe 16 SVG Hex3) #000000

and white.
cute idea!
can't wait to see what you come up with!

Kyle and Alli said...

What fun! You have so many other great options listed here, but I vote for a color combo with teals, browns, tans, and some light yellow and turquoise for accents. These are the colors of our little guy's nursery and I love them together (see if you really get bored and need some inspiration!)

I really love your designs! Thanks again!

Rachelle said...

Sorry I couldn't choose any specific colors, too many to choose from. I like the Blues and browns together, or the greens and browns together. I have 3 boys, so I'm always thinking of boy papger and embelishments. Thanks you do AWESOME work! :o)

Angie said...

I don't have any particular colors in mind, but I do like the 'Warm' colors.

Jessica S Howard said...

Here you go:
Bakers Chocolate #5C3317
Avacado #98A148
Grapefruit #F3E88E

Jeremy and Heidi said...

cranberry #B6316C
blue spider #26466D
egg shell #FCE6C9

smithfamily said...

I would love a kit using purple hues like grape #543948 and sea urchin #683A5E and purple rain #694489. I really like dark purples with sage green and chocolate browns and a canvas/tan color. Whatever you make will be great, they always are! Thanks!

The Parsons Family said...

manganeseblue #03A89E
scarlet #8C1717
bakerschocolate #5C3317

i think these colors are hott right now

Amanda said...

pea #78AB46
indianred4 #8B3A3A
garden plum #71637D

The Bergesons said...

I would love a football or sport kit..all the ones out there are cheesy and in honor of all the recent bowl games and upcoming Superbowl. I love your kits and think this would be really fun and different from your others.

Em said...

I think these would be a fun combo
cadmiumlemon #FFE303
jolly green #9CCB19
bloodorange(Hex3) #CC1100

s zuklich said...

i am loving the whole chocolate brown thing that is so hot right now... and i love greens so these are my choices:
kermit a2bc13
dark olive 556b2f
baker's chocolate 5c3317

Georgia said...

Sign brown #603311
lightbluesky(SVG) #87CEFA
Lake Michigan #50A6C2

it would make a cute boy kit...should you want to make it gender specific :)

Raechal said...

My son had the cutest little jogging suit (pants & hoodie set) when he was 18 months old in these colors. It was one of my favorite outfits on him :)

DELFT 22316C

Brittney said...

semisweet chocolate 1 #6B4226
scarlet #BC1717
ganegreen # 777733

Thanks, Summer, not matter what you choose, I'm sure we will all love it!

Tami said...

I would love to see a Fun birthday theme! I think in pastels.


pianomom said...

I like this color wavecrest #99CDC9 with brown. I love your kits. Anything you do will be beautiful!

Catherine Yvonne said...

I know some people are ready for spring, but it would be good to have a 'winter' theme that wasn't directly associated with Christmas. I only could decided on two colors:
cornflower blue #42426F
Sgigislate blue #7171C6
but they should definitely be with a silver - I just couldn't decide between all the greys!

The Fifes said... is an awesome resource for color combos. I don't have a favorite, but thought i'd pass it on for you to use! Great work!

michiganhills said...

If you are talking valentines (or not) I like the brown, red, lime green with a pink accent combination.

Lynne said...

I couldn't figure out that website - so I went to kuler & found an amazing combo


Coral & green - it's fun & springy

*Monica* said...

La maison bleue #60AFFE
Cobaltviolet deep 91219E

I have some sledding pictures that I would love to have some cool color choices for. What a great idea to let us have a little imput, thanks!

Emily said...

I love Red2(Hex3)#EE0000 with lightblue3 # 9ACOCD and white.
I love your kits! Thanks for sharing all your hard work with us! :)

smodi said...

darkolivegreen3 #A2CD5A
darkred SVG #8B0000
verydarkbrown #5C4033

these colors are not really that dark, but I thought the combination would be something different than what everybody else is currently usng on LO's

Anything you come up with we will love because you are awesome at what you do!

Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us.

The Hulsey Family said...

I know this isn't what you wanted, but I need a kit that uses KRAFT colored paper!!! I'll see if I can come up with some codes.

MemoryKeeper said...

OMgoodness your blog looks amazing! I'm so excited! Super Fantastic Outstanding!

While I may be good at teaching others how to scrap their blog, I'm not good at color choices, that's why I always keep my kits in one folder...LOL!

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Kourtney Paige said...

This is a fun-crazy combo:
Mustard #FFCC11
Turquoise 2 #00E5EE
Broadway Pink #FF0066
Brownochre #87421F
Kelly #4CBB17

Have fun whatever colors you pick!

Mark and Ashley Welling said...

police strobe #0BB5FF
deepskyblue4 #00688B
cool mint #90FEFB

Rachel K. said...

Here are my choices


Sheree said...

I would love to see you design something in these colors:
6B4226, CD0000, 33A1DE and white of course.

sourfleed said...

Hi Summer!
My choices would be this!
liberty A4DCD1
cherry EB5E66
gray59 969696

Cool idea!

The Strattons said...

first of all i LOVE your kits! i check your site almomst everyday! i couldnt get that site to come up on my computer, but i would love a kit that has lots of browns and creams, something that can mix in with other kits. Ok and my hubby says that he wants a camoflauge kit so i can scrapbook his hunts. ;) thanks so much for doing this! it is a GREAT idea!

Joy said...

I love teal (like #00CDCD) & brown (#5C3317) combos with accents of dark maroon/red. :)

Daniela said...

Hi Summer, I would love to see something in these (officially nameless) colours:
- dark blue # 000033
- turquoise # 3399CC
- green # 339900
BTW, your new blog design looks great!

Stew and Traci said...

Summer I have no idea how you are keeping track of all this, but I am adding my two cents. Here are my picks if it were to be valentines day:


Cant wait to see...pick me pick me! *wink*

Jason and Susie said...

I liked these
broadwaypink(Safe Hex3) #FF0066
bakerschocolate #5C3317
corn #FBEC5D
I love bright colors, it makes me think of spring and summer, which i'm in wanting.

Amber said...

I have been searching high and low for a Black damask digi page so something with that would be awesome. Here are my other color choices:
black(Safe 16 SVG Hex3) #000000
Fed-firebrick3 #CD2626
Light pink-pink shell #F6CCDA

cyndi said...

cyan3 #00CDCD OR turquoise1 #00F5FF

kakapo #4A7023

bakerschocolate #5C3317



sorry that was all in capitals

Leanne said...


THese are the colours that I would love to see in a kit. Good luck going through everyones colours.... We are certainly going to be keeping you busy.
Thank you for all that you do for us.
Leanne Love

jjstringham said...

I suggest:



I got these from kuler too, so hopefully their on the site you suggested as well.

mommyof2cutegirls said...

I kinda like Georgia's scheme...with the blue, brown combo!