Thursday, May 7, 2009

Angel Mother kit

I remember growing up and Mother's Day was approaching all 5 of us kids would ask our mom what she wanted us to get her or do for her for Mother's Day. Each year it was always the same answer, "I would love it if you would clean your rooms." That never made sense to could clean rooms be considered a Mother's Day gift? Now that I am a mother, I realize the importance of that gift and I'm pretty sure that if my kids ask me, I'll give them the same answer my mom gave to us!

I love my mom. I consider myself so lucky to have had her in my life and to teach me so much. I only felt love from her. Even if I was in trouble, she would always go about things in such a loving way, and I know my siblings felt the same. She had a way about making us each feel so important, and in fact, I know motherhood was one of the most important things to her.

She left behind 9 grandkids (3 more have been born since then and another one is due any day), and we are so glad that our oldest kids remember her. When I spray some of my mom's perfume on, Annika will say, "You smell like Grandy." Or if we walk into a boutique shop where they have their yummy potpourri lingering about, Caitlynn will say, "This smells like Grandy's house." We'll even be at a store, and we might walk by some toys and the girls will say, "Grandy had that doll!" or "Grandy read me that story!" And I am so grateful for that.
(This is my parents with their grandkids 2 months before my mom passed)

This will be my third Mother's Day without her. What a legacy she has left behind. All 5 of us kids are active in our Church and continue to live in a way that our mom would be proud of. We stay close as a family and know how important it is to cling together. We are parents who love our children and consider parenting to be a blessing and one of the most important things we can do. We consider marriage as something worth working hard at. My mom and dad loved each other so much and I loved that they would kiss in front of us. I have learned how to be a good listener and to not judge. I have learned how to pray and to have faith. I have learned how to serve. I am so grateful to have been raised by my mother. I will always remember her example, and will strive to live so good to be with her again one day.

One of my favorite quotations has always been one from Abraham Lincoln. It became even more dear to me after my mom had passed. The quote says, "All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother."

I love you Mom.

I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have of being a mother. I love my four beautiful children and am so happy to be a stay-at-home Mom! I am so grateful to my husband and the hard worker that he is so that I have the privilege of being home with Brock and Claire during the day, and for being there when Caitlynn and Annika come home from school. I value my time with them and consider being a mom one of the best things that could ever happen to me. I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day. Even if you are not a mother, you can be an influence for good to those around you. And for those of you whose mothers are still alive, take the time to be with them or talk with them; you will never know how much time you will have with her. Happy Mother's Day!