Friday, May 29, 2009

Bree is in REMISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello all my wonderful readers! I am writing some VERY happy and VERY wonderful news that Baby Bree is in remission!!!! This has been very surprising and unexpected news. I found out two days ago and have been waiting anxiously for my friend Kari to blog about it before I spread the news as well. She just posted today and if any of you would like to read about it, then you can click here:

Thank you to all those who have donated, who have prayed, who have given words of support. You have all been wonderful, and I think Kari and Justin will appreciate every last drop of your love! For those who want, I am still accepting donations until next Saturday (June 6th), and I think whatever we are able to give to them will be that much more meaningful, and they will REALLY be able to enjoy it now.

Oh I am just so happy!!! Please feel free to post a comment on Kari's blog if you want. I know she would love it!