Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tutorial: The Selective Color Tool

Have you ever had a scrapbook paper and thought, "Oh, I love everything about this paper, but I just wish there wasn't any pink in it!" Or, "I love this paper, but that one shade of blue doesn't quite match the shade of blue in my picture." This is where one of my favorite tools comes in handy. It is called the Selective Color Tool. Some of you have posted and asked me to change the pinks in some of my kits to blue so you could use them on your boys' layouts. Now you'll know how! (***When changing the colors of papers, always check the designer's Terms of Use to see if they've given permission for you to change their colors. You have my 100% permission on all of my kits).

(Keep in mind that I use Adobe Photoshop CS2, so I don't know how well this tutorial applies to other programs).

1) Open the paper you want to use. For this tutorial I will be using the Blossoms paper from my Happiness kit.
2) Click on Image, then Adjustments, and finally Selective Color.

3) Next you will want to choose which color it is that you are wanting to change. I have decided that for this tutorial I want to change my red color to be yellow. I will make sure the color "red" is highlighted and then I will click "OK".

4) Now you get to play around until you get the desired look you want.

5) Here is the before and after of the two. Notice the greens didn't change because I only selected the reds to change:

The Selective Color Tool works great with pictures as well. I use this tool for a natural way to whiten teeth. In this picture of me and my hubby, my teeth match nicely with my shirt (bad), however, I'd like them to match my hubby's bright white shirt!

There are a couple of things to do first, before we do the steps that I described above.

1) First, we need to let Photoshop know that the ONLY area we are wanting to work with is my teeth. We do this by using what's called the Polygonal Lasso Tool.

2) Next we need to use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to make a shape around my mouth. With the Polygonal Lasso Tool is selected, just click around the mouth. This does not need to be exact. You want to make sure that your final click is in the same place as your first click to form a complete circle. You will know you've done it correctly if the outline becomes the "marching ants" (moving dashed lines).

3) Copy (Ctrl C) and Paste (Ctrl V) the shape you just outlined. (You can also copy by clicking on "Edit" then click on "Copy" and then click on "Edit" then click on "Paste." Now you have a new layer which is the shape of my mouth. Make sure that layer is highlighted.

4) It's finally time to use the Selective Color Tool! Making sure the new mouth layer is highlighted, follow step 3 from the first tutorial (Image, Adjustments, Selective Color), and instead of choosing the "red" color to play with, we are now going to choose "white" because that's the main shade of my teeth. With the white color selected, take the tab above the word "yellow" and drag it all the way to the left. Sometimes I redo this step, only I start with the "yellow" color instead of white, and then take the yellow tab again and drag it to the left.
5) You'll want to flatten the image when you're all done to make it all one layer. (Click "layer" then "flatten image.") And voila! Here are the before and after pictures. Not too drastic, see? Just a nice, subtle change.
***Disclaimer: I am not proud of my skin! Please don't look at these pictures up close and say to me, "Summer, you should have also taught us how to cover up wrinkles and blemishes using your picture!" (We'll save that for another day!)