Friday, June 26, 2009

Fathers and Fedoras kit

First of all, thank you to all of you who have sent me emails for the Christmas in July post. (If you don't know what I am talking about, read the post underneath this one). I have been amazed at all of your talents and stories, and it has been fun getting to know a little bit about you. I plan to post the Christmas in July post on the 1st of July, so if you wanted to send me an email, you still have a few days. And even if you don't get it to me in time I can always add yours on to the post anyways.

Okay, onto my next kit. It's a little late to be posting a Father's Day kit, but hey, the summertime gets busy and other things take the front stage!

When I think about being a father, I realize the important role a father can play in a family. I realize how lucky I was to have grown up with a father who gave me one of the greatest gifts...his time. He was a busy man with his work as well as duties at church, but when he came home he did not go sit on the couch and turn on the TV to watch sports or whatever. In fact, I rarely ever saw him watch sports, unless it was one of his own kids' sporting events. He was in so much love with my mother. My siblings and I were the type of kids to have said, "Ew Dad, stop kissing Mom in front of us!" However, we are all so grateful that they were willing to show us how much they loved each other.

My dad kept the mood light in the home. I remember on Sundays after church he would drive us around to look at model homes. We'd be gone for a couple of hours. Growing up these were such great memories for us. (We later learned that part of his reasoning of doing this was to let my mom have a moment of peace and quiet for a little while...there were 5 of us and the age gap between the oldest and youngest is 7 years). And although he was giving my mom a break, we also knew how much he loved to do this with us.

My mom used to accompany at the piano while my dad would sing silly songs (even with little dance motions now and then). He was always making us laugh. He always seemed so young to me because he was willing to just be silly and youthful (do not get me wrong, he was mature and responsible when he needed to be).

I love that he still has his youth and is still willing to have fun. The picture below is more of a family inside joke so I will not bore you with details, but as you can see he is very young at heart as we played ring around the roses (in a crazy brother on the left is normally NOT that flamboyant!)

Because of the fun and youthfulness in my parents' marriage, all of us kids grew up with a sense of humor as well and an inner desire to remain young. When we get together, we are very immature and find ourselves laughing at everything. The picture below was taken at a family trip. At the condo we were staying at, there was a FOUR person jacuzzi. With the 5 of us kids, (4 of us are married), that adds up to NINE of us who were all wanting to be in the jacuzzi together. Let's just say that the water ended up with half of it all gone by the time we were out of there. But the below picture shows a little bit of our weirdness:
It's pictures like this that bring back memories for me and make me so grateful for my family. It makes me so grateful for my dad and how fun he helped our childhood to be. (By the way, my mom played a MASSIVE role in our humor, but since this post is about Father's Day, that's why I'm mentioning so much about him!) I love that we can laugh about things...and even enjoy our get togethers as we remember my mom on the anniversary of her death. Everything is joyful and I am so blessed.

My studly husband came home one day with a fedora hat. At first I thought to myself, "Oh my goodness, I am married to a teenager." But then as I thought about it, I thought how grateful I am that my husband wants to be young. (I love that in the reflection of his glasses you can see Caitlynn laughing at him).He makes me laugh, and when it comes to being a father, he makes my kids laugh and act silly and crazy. So often I think, "I am trying to calm them down to get them ready for bed", but then when I think that their dad works long hours and is sometimes gone for lots of days at a time, I am so lucky that he brings out that energy in them. They will have memories of having a fun dad and that is so important to me.

So, I called this kit "Fathers and Fedoras" because to me, it is so important to be young. I realize the wrinkles are going to come. I realize the energy won't always be there. I realize the gravity will drag us down. But I also know that we can still retain our youth in other ways. We need to laugh. We need to make memories. We need to spend more time with the ones we love. And for no reason at all, everyone should buy a fedora!