Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Falling For Fall kit

I love this time of year! I've said it before and I will say it again - for FOREVER - that fall is my most favorite season of all. I just have so many happy memories of this season. Here in Arizona, you can just feel fall approaching. I realize that it is still in the high 90's here...however, there is definitely a difference in the air. This season reminds me of my mom making her pumpkin bread (I'll give you the recipe sometime soon). As a child I loved this season because October is my birthday month. In high school I loved this season because it reminds me of cheering at football games. And now that I am older and know what's really important, it reminds me of spending time together as a family. More pleasant weather means more walks in the neighborhood and more park days. It means baking and bringing goodies to neighbors . . . just because. Three of our four kids have birthdays in September and October. It means throwing together costumes for Halloween. And it means Thanksgiving is approaching. I just LOVE this season! I hope you do too and that you have an enjoyable time preparing for fall. I know I'm "Falling for Fall!"
Click here to download the free "Falling For Fall" kit:
Falling for Fall kit - part 1
Falling for Fall kit - part 2
Falling for Fall kit - part 3
Falling for Fall kit - elements