Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanks for Giving kit

Don't you just love this time of year? I know I've said this in previous posts, but I just love the winter holidays! Thanksgiving is one of my favorites. My memories of Thanksgiving stem from when I was a little girl.

My dad had a turkey pit in the backyard which stayed covered all year long. But on Thanksgiving Eve he would take off the cover to light a huge fire and cook quite a few turkeys in the pit for our big feast the following day with our cousins and second cousins. My siblings and I used to love to be in the backyard with my dad late at night and visit with him around the "campfire" as he cooked the turkeys. We would generally stay up late watching movies, because cooking the turkeys was an all night event. I remember this being such an act of service that he would stay up all night to cook turkeys for everyone. And he still does it to this day! THANKS for GIVING of your precious time Dad!

On Thanksgiving Day we would go with all our extended family (we're talking in the hundreds here) to a place called South Mountain where there were many covered picnic tables reserved just for us! I remember a large concrete slab where the cousins would play volleyball. I remember another concrete slab and I would always bring my roller skates to skate on it. There was also a small mountain (more of a hill) for us to climb. The food was tremendous - a family full of people who LOVED to cook, meant LOTS of fantastic fattening food! THANKS for GIVING wonderful family of cooks!

Now that time has moved on, the memories are for my children. Thanksgiving Day is a busy one for us...and definitely a filling one! Both mine and my husband's families live 10 minutes from each other. So we go and feast at one house (at least we try to do 1/2 portions) and from there go to feast again! Even though sometimes it's tough fitting them both in, my kids are so lucky that they get to see both sets of grandparents, and all their uncles and aunts and cousins on the same day! I wouldn't have it any other way. THANKS for GIVING to my immediate family and my in-laws. You are making memories for my kids that will last a lifetime!

I just love Thanksgiving and the memories that I have and the memories that I am making. I love to think about how much people GIVE on Thanksgiving. So, THANKS for GIVING, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!