Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tutorial: Rounded Corners on Photos

I've had a few of you email me and ask if I knew how to do rounded corners on photos. I have my own way that I've figured out....there is most likely an easier way to do this, so if it seems too difficult, or if you can't figure it out with the program you use (I use Adobe Photoshop CS2), then keep on searching because I know it's out there somewhere!

1. Open your image:

2. Select the Rounded Corner Tool:
3. Use the Rounded Corner Tool:
4. Rasterize the new shape (in this step, my box is does not matter the color at all.)

5. Switch the layers' places:
6. Create a clipping mask:

7. Merge the layers:


Practice this tutorial and have fun with it. It can be used in all sorts of ways. I use this tool to create all of my tags, ribbons, and if I ever take the time to do alpha letters then on those too!

*And thank you for all of your votes for my husband for the Grand Puba for ASU. He won and had a great time! You can watch him in all his glory here: