Thursday, December 10, 2009

Believe kit

****Please read this entire post!

My sister and I were talking just two days ago on the phone. She was telling me about a tragic story that happened to one of her dear friends. Her friend is named Kari, and she and her husband Skyler, a fire fighter, have 3 young children (ages 4, 2, and 10 months). Skyler went elk hunting with his friend a few nights ago and while sleeping in a tent it was terribly stormy outside. Winds of 60 mph caused a tree to fall and it landed on Skyler, killing him instantly.

I don't even know this family personally, but I have been thinking about them ever since. How hard that must be to lose their father, and for Kari to lose her husband. And even worse that it happened so close to Christmas.My sister has been able to help Kari by going over to be with her and give her some support. But she said to me, "I just don't know how what she's going to do for money."

So I told her that although I hadn't planned on making my Christmas kit until next week (I've been busy doing other things and my brother gets married this weekend), that I would make it today and get it on my blog to hopefully start getting some donations for this sweet family.

My sister told Kari's sister that I would be doing this, and so her sister is the one who provided the pictures and she also wrote this to put on my blog:

"Skylar was the kind of guy who was never looking to receive credit for the countless acts of service he performed in his lifetime. It wasn't uncommon for the neighbors to come home to freshly manicured yards and he was always the first one to jump up after family dinner on Sunday and start washing the dishes. He loved being with his family more than anything. He was a dedicated father and husband, a genuine friend, and had a great love for all things outdoors. He was a great example to us all. Skylar is survived by his wife, Kari and three children Slade, Daisy and Maylee."
I had known I wanted my Christmas kit to be called "Believe." And the whole purpose in my mind for naming it was to believe in Santa Claus and the magic of Christmas. But now I have been creating this kit with a completely different purpose. And I must admit that as I created the papers, I was very emotional throughout the day, and I only thought about this sweet family and what they must be going through. I still tried to keep the kit a Christmas theme for you. But to me, the title BELIEVE now means for this sweet family to BELIEVE that they will see their father and husband again. To BELIEVE that they will be happy again. To BELIEVE that peace will come into their lives. I am a firm believer in a Heavenly Father who watches over us and is very aware of our lives, our emotions, our situations...of everything. I am a member of the LDS church and so is Kari and Skyler and their children, and we BELIEVE that families are forever. I lost my mother almost 3 years ago exactly, and I am so grateful to have this knowledge, to know that I will be with my own mother again and live with her one day. And I know that is a comfort to Kari right now.

Ever since my own mother passed, as Christmas has approached I think much more about her then I do about Christmas. I think it must be so difficult for this family...for Kari to have lost her husband, and especially for sweet Slade, Daisy and Maylee to have lost their father. Christmas will mean something very different to them from now on.
I find joy in creating kits. I offer them for free because it is a passion for me to create, and I enjoy that it makes others happy to receive them. I try not to ask much of you ever. But, if any of you are able to, please, I am asking of you, please donate to this family. My hopes would be to raise as much as possible before Christmas because I think it would be a nice gift for them to receive, however, I will continue to let donations come for them through the last day of the year. (To donate, click on the donate button on the top right-hand side of my blog).

Thank you all for being so wonderful. I hope your Christmas is full of happy memories and that you cling to those most precious to you. Never forget to tell them you love them.

Download the free "Believe" kit here
Believe kit - papers folder 1
Believe kit - papers folder 2
Believe kit - elements folder 1
Believe kit - elements folder 2

P.S. I realize that one of the elements I created in this kit looks like the cute candy cane circle design that Wal-Mart has right now on all of their price tags. I re-created it from scratch because I just loved it.