Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Ring It In" kit

Can you believe the New Year is here? Seriously, where has 2009 gone?

As I thought about starting a new year, one thing came to mind: A New Beginning. Making resolutions is all about starting over. It's all about trying to be a better person. The concept of a new beginning is where I thought about the butterfly. A butterfly symbolizes new life...a new beginning.

This past week I had someone email me and ask me some questions about digital scrapbooking. I don't know this woman at all, but felt impressed to click on her blog that she had listed under her name. As I read on her blog, I was touched about her story about losing her baby boy Wyatt when he was only 6 months old. When she was in the hospital with her son, she recognized a butterfly displayed on the door. She later learned that the hospital puts butterflies on the doors of those who are on their way out of this world.

A couple months later she was swimming with her daughter when a large and beautiful butterfly came near them. She felt that it was Wyatt letting her know he was near. She said, "Since then I have noticed so many butterflies. Almost everyday there has been a butterfly fly by our car as we are driving, in our back yard or on our morning walks. I now call them my " Wyatt moments." So, the next time you see a butterfly take a second and have a 'Wyatt moment' to remember our sweet little boy."

Andrea, I am dedicating this kit to you. I hope that as we take part in this new year, that we notice all of those little simple things that are so beautiful for us to enjoy. Things like butterflies, and children, and laughter, and time. Our world is an amazing place and sometimes we just need to stop and recognize it. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Donations for Kari and her kids

I just wanted to thank you all so much for your wonderful donations for Kari and her family. My sister was able to bring the money over to her before Christmas (and for those wanting to know, at that time we were able to raise $1,950.) And there have still been more donations since then, so thank you. I will accept those until this Thursday, December 31st.

I just received an email from Kari last night and would like to share it with you:

"I really don't know what to say. I cannot find the words to describe how grateful I am for your post and all of the money that has been raised from it. Such a simple act has made a huge difference in my life and my childrens lives. The money will eventually be gone, but the kindness and generosity will always stay with me. I really do feel the prayers of everyone and they give me great comfort. Thank you so very much.


I also wanted to give a big thank you to a wonderful person named Sarah Quilter. Sarah is someone who I love to order necklace pendants from, and has always been so wonderful to work with. Well, for Christmas I had her create some pendants for a necklace for me as well as my mother-in-law and friend (which you can view further below). But what was so neat was that when I received my order, she had made this ornament for Kari and her family. I didn't ask her to do it, she just did it out of love and I wanted to thank her for that:

If you are interested in seeing the pendants she created for me, you can go here and scroll down to the third and fourth pictures:

I also had her create these to hang from my sister-in-law's wedding bouquet:

Anyways, she is so gifted, and if any of you are looking for a gift to give for someone you care about (including yourself!), then I suggest you go through Sarah. The prices are amazing and the quality can't be beat! Here are her two sites:

Thank you again everyone. You have been wonderful!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

You are all so wonderful!!!

I just want to thank you all for your donations, prayers and kind words. I have been amazed at all of your heartfelt messages, and many of you sharing stories of your own lost loved ones and having to cope with that. Everyone of us will lose people we love and people who are close to is just a part of life. But all I know, was that when I lost my mom, one of the greatest things for me was to know that others were aware and that they cared. In fact, just last Sunday at church, the bishop of our ward came up to me and said, "I just want you to know that I am thinking about you during this time of the year. I know it is difficult for you." I couldn't believe it. It has been 3 years since my mom has died (December 22nd) and he remembered it. It brought to me a flood of memories, but at the exact same time, an overwhelming feeling of love to know that someone remembered.

If any of you noticed, Kari's sister commented on the post and this was what she said:

"Thank you so much for being so willing to help out my sister Kari and her family. I tear up at every act of service Kari has received. She is the most amazing person and I am honored to call her my sister. You are doing a wonderful service and will be greatly blessed. Thank you again from all of us.


When I told my sister how much has been raised so far, she was very emotional. I realize Christmas is a difficult time financially for many, and it is hard to give away even more money, because usually there is not money to be given. But you have all been so selfless. I truly appreciate it and I know that Kari and her children will as well.

Some of you have asked if you could mail a check or cash. That is just fine with me, however, I don't want to put my address on my blog, so please email me and I would be happy to send you my address that way.

I will be bringing her the donation money sometime next week before Christmas. Please feel free to keep donating after Christmas if you feel inclined. I will continue to accept donations for their family through New Year's Eve.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Believe kit

****Please read this entire post!

My sister and I were talking just two days ago on the phone. She was telling me about a tragic story that happened to one of her dear friends. Her friend is named Kari, and she and her husband Skyler, a fire fighter, have 3 young children (ages 4, 2, and 10 months). Skyler went elk hunting with his friend a few nights ago and while sleeping in a tent it was terribly stormy outside. Winds of 60 mph caused a tree to fall and it landed on Skyler, killing him instantly.

I don't even know this family personally, but I have been thinking about them ever since. How hard that must be to lose their father, and for Kari to lose her husband. And even worse that it happened so close to Christmas.My sister has been able to help Kari by going over to be with her and give her some support. But she said to me, "I just don't know how what she's going to do for money."

So I told her that although I hadn't planned on making my Christmas kit until next week (I've been busy doing other things and my brother gets married this weekend), that I would make it today and get it on my blog to hopefully start getting some donations for this sweet family.

My sister told Kari's sister that I would be doing this, and so her sister is the one who provided the pictures and she also wrote this to put on my blog:

"Skylar was the kind of guy who was never looking to receive credit for the countless acts of service he performed in his lifetime. It wasn't uncommon for the neighbors to come home to freshly manicured yards and he was always the first one to jump up after family dinner on Sunday and start washing the dishes. He loved being with his family more than anything. He was a dedicated father and husband, a genuine friend, and had a great love for all things outdoors. He was a great example to us all. Skylar is survived by his wife, Kari and three children Slade, Daisy and Maylee."
I had known I wanted my Christmas kit to be called "Believe." And the whole purpose in my mind for naming it was to believe in Santa Claus and the magic of Christmas. But now I have been creating this kit with a completely different purpose. And I must admit that as I created the papers, I was very emotional throughout the day, and I only thought about this sweet family and what they must be going through. I still tried to keep the kit a Christmas theme for you. But to me, the title BELIEVE now means for this sweet family to BELIEVE that they will see their father and husband again. To BELIEVE that they will be happy again. To BELIEVE that peace will come into their lives. I am a firm believer in a Heavenly Father who watches over us and is very aware of our lives, our emotions, our situations...of everything. I am a member of the LDS church and so is Kari and Skyler and their children, and we BELIEVE that families are forever. I lost my mother almost 3 years ago exactly, and I am so grateful to have this knowledge, to know that I will be with my own mother again and live with her one day. And I know that is a comfort to Kari right now.

Ever since my own mother passed, as Christmas has approached I think much more about her then I do about Christmas. I think it must be so difficult for this family...for Kari to have lost her husband, and especially for sweet Slade, Daisy and Maylee to have lost their father. Christmas will mean something very different to them from now on.
I find joy in creating kits. I offer them for free because it is a passion for me to create, and I enjoy that it makes others happy to receive them. I try not to ask much of you ever. But, if any of you are able to, please, I am asking of you, please donate to this family. My hopes would be to raise as much as possible before Christmas because I think it would be a nice gift for them to receive, however, I will continue to let donations come for them through the last day of the year. (To donate, click on the donate button on the top right-hand side of my blog).

Thank you all for being so wonderful. I hope your Christmas is full of happy memories and that you cling to those most precious to you. Never forget to tell them you love them.

Download the free "Believe" kit here
Believe kit - papers folder 1
Believe kit - papers folder 2
Believe kit - elements folder 1
Believe kit - elements folder 2

P.S. I realize that one of the elements I created in this kit looks like the cute candy cane circle design that Wal-Mart has right now on all of their price tags. I re-created it from scratch because I just loved it.