Monday, February 15, 2010

"So This Is Love" kit

I apologize for being late on this kit. Life has been more than busy, and I got food poisoning for Valentine's Day. Not my favorite!!!

My daughter Annika is a hopeless romantic. Her favorite color is pink. She loves to wear dresses. She loves to sing. She loves all the romance from the princess movies. I picture her playing the part of Giselle in the movie Enchanted.

I remember once when she was in preschool a boy had given her a kiss. She knows she's not allowed to kiss boys until she's WAY older, and when she came home she told me about it. With a "sour look" on her face, she said, "Mom, Zach kissed me." But then as she walked away her face turned into a dreamy smile, and I knew the sour face was all a facade. Later that day I heard her playing in her room and she was singing to herself the song from Cinderella:

So this is love, hmmmm, so this is love So this is what makes life divine....etc.

That little story right there sums up romance for me in a nutshell. Being in love brings a smile to my face. Being in love makes me sing silly love songs. Being in love brings purpose to my life. I love my husband Cory and am so lucky to have him. I also love my children and they make me who I am.

I know a lot of people don't celebrate Valentine's because it's marketed as being a "couple's holiday." But I think Valentine's is much more than that. It is about loving people. Sometimes it means loving a spouse. Sometimes it means your children or parents. Sometimes it's the neighbor next door. We all can give our love to others. So this is love!