Friday, May 14, 2010

Sweet Cakes kit

Last week as I was doing "Super baby" with Claire (you know, when you lay on your back and stick your feet up in the air while your toddler lays her tummy on the bottom of your feet like Superman...sorry, just giving you a visual), I was looking up at my sweet little girl and noticing the cute pajamas she was wearing. Of course that little light bulb popped into my head as I thought, "That would make a great digital kit!" So, even though I had just put those jammies on her, I needed to trade them for others so that I could get started on it after I put the kids to bed.

So, that's where the inspiration from this kit came from. Technically, the color palette choices as well as the cupcake ideas came from whoever made those fun pajamas, but for some reason, making this kit just made my day...or should I say a few days!

I hope you enjoy it!