Thursday, September 30, 2010

"A BOO-tiful Night" kit

Can you feel it? My favorite season is approaching! Even though it is still above 100 degrees here in Arizona, when I read on my calendar that September 23rd was the first day of Fall, the gears in my head switched over to the new season. I have already baked a batch of pumpkin bread this week, and our Halloween decorations are already up (I can proudly and embarrassingly say that I think we are the first and only in our neighborhood to have done so)!

This will be a busy month for me (we're celebrating 3 of our kids' birthdays tomorrow, and mine is this next Wednesday - yes, you may shower me with birthday wishes! :) (just don't have to...but seriously, if you want to, it would make my day)! But, aside from the birthdays, the rest of the month will be busy, so I thought I'd throw together a Halloween kit a little bit early...I hope you don't mind!

Also, I kind of went a little slap-happy with my paint bucket tool, so there are a LOT of papers in here. So, sorry if it takes awhile to upload the whole kit, and sorry if it takes up too much space on your computer.

With all of that said, I hope you have a wonderful October and a "BOOTIFUL NIGHT" on Halloween!

Click here to download the FREE "A Boo-tiful Night" kit: