Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Dryer Lint at Tiffany's" kit

Over the summer when all the kids were home, it felt like there was ALWAYS laundry to do. Instead of waking up and wearing ONE outfit for the day, it seems my kids chose to wake up and put on their outfit for the day, then change to a swimsuit (which of course meant they needed towels), and then after they played in the water, they put on ANOTHER outfit. YIKES!!! (I know, I should be more strict and make sure they have one outfit only for the day, and we did sometimes, but other times I didn't think twice about it).

Anyways, with all this laundry, and having all the kids home all day, some things got put on the back burner (hopefully I am not alone with this issue). It got to a point where as I pulled the dryer lint out, rather than throwing it away, I had a little pile that I kept adding to. One day I looked at that little pile and decided that I LOVED the look of all the different tones of gray together. I knew once the kids were back in school and I had a little more time that I was going to create a new kit called "Dryer Lint" and it was going to be all shades of gray.

As I began it, it seemed too blah, too black and white. It needed one little splash of color. I love the color Tiffany blue (like from the store Tiffany's). So, that was where this inspiration came from! And instead of the movie title Breakfast at Tiffany's, I am calling this Dryer Lint at Tiffany's!

Click here to download the "Dryer Lint at Tiffany's" kit:
Dryer Lint at Tiffany's - papers 1
Dryer Lint at Tiffany's - papers 2
Dryer Lint at Tiffany's - papers 3
Dryer Lint at Tiffany's - elements 1
Dryer Lint at Tiffany's - elements 2

*The sequins and tags in this kit were created using the actions at