Sunday, October 10, 2010

Easton kit

Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well. My heart feels heavy for a mother out there that I met 9 years ago. Her name is Joy Payne. I always thought it was funny that her name was an oxymoron. But at this time, she does not feel the joy, only the pain. One of my dear friends (who is best friends with Joy) wrote this:

"Our best friends Tom and Joy Payne just had their 3rd child, Easton, who is now 3 months old. He was born with dwarfism, a mild case of Pierre Robin syndrome (where the lower jaw is too small and the tongue blocks the throat), and a cleft soft palette (which also causes airway obstruction). This baby has a tracheostomy and a feeding tube in his stomach. They feed him every 3 hours around the clock and must suction out the tracheostomy when he spits up—which is almost constantly. You can imagine that with this challenge, they get zero sleep. They are up around the clock managing him. At the time he was born they also had two other children to take care of.

This, of course, turned their lives upside down. They have been working with the state to be approved for 24-hour nursing care. This will not take effect until the middle of November, they are told.

However, to add to the trial that they are facing, when Easton was 11 weeks old, their 3-year old son Jaxon drowned.

They now face the overwhelming costs associated with her hospitalization from the pre-term birth of Easton, his immense medical bills, AND the ambulance, life-flight, hospital and burial costs from Jaxon’s death. …Along with the horrible pain, grief and guilt that comes with losing a child this way…

Their insurance covers no nursing costs. 4 days after the funeral of Jaxon, they woke in the night ready for one of Easton’s feedings as his emergency alarms started sounding. He was not breathing and had no pulse—Tom, his father had to revive him by doing infant chest compressions and CPR into the hole in his throat.

They cannot keep living this way until the red tape clears for their nursing care to kick in. Being this physically exhausted is extremely detrimental to their emotional healing and they are terrified that “another child will die on our watch”.

We’re asking for any donations you can give so that this family can pay for a night nurse for the next month until the state care begins. Prices can range from $3,000-5,000. We’d also like to help them cover all the other medical and funeral bills that are piling up. Please give whatever you can to this amazing family. They have been through so much hardship, and it tears us up to not be able to give them whatever money they need. PLEASE HELP US LIFT THEIR BURDEN SLIGHTLY AND GIVE THEM HOPE. Thank you."

I cannot imagine losing a son, and simultaneously trying to care for a newborn with such health concerns. I just cannot imagine the pain. It is tiresome enough to have a newborn. I am at a loss. So, I decided to throw together a quick kit called "Easton" in hopes of raising some money to help this amazing family. Please say prayers for them. And if you feel that you can donate some money, please feel free to do so using my donate button. I will accept donations until one week from now (Sunday, October 17th). When you pay through PayPal, please leave a note that says "Easton" so that I know that's what it's for. Thank you!

Here is a picture of sweet Easton:

And here is a picture of Joy and her family. The little boy Jaxon is the one who they lost from the drowning:

Click here to download the FREE "Easton" kit:
Easton kit - papers 1
Easton kit - papers 2
Easton kit - elements


Alexis said...

That is so terrible. My heart is broken for this family who has suffered so much. I am praying that the Lord will be near to them.

And the kit is beautiful. What a sweet way to spread the word about this sweet boy.

McMemories said...

The Payne's are such an amazing family, What a wonderful thing for you to do to help them!
Love all your kits but this one will hold a special place in my heart.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.
I so enjoy your posts.

K said...

How heartwrenching. My thoughts and prayers are with them. I'm also spreading the word.

Zsófi(a) said...

It's so terrible.
My praying are with them.

The kit's beautiful. Thank you!

craftykitten said...

Hi Summer,
What a tragic story that is, I can only imagine the pain that this family must be going through. I have sent a donation, it isn't much but I am hoping it helps. Your kits are awesome and to think that they also help others is totally outstanding. I will do a post on my blog later today to help spread the word.
Dawn xx
PS. If you pop by my blog you will see your kits have been and are being used on quite a regular basis over the next few weeks or so, I hope you like how I have used themx TFS

Caity said...

I cannot imagine the pain life has already brought to such a young family! It breaks my heart.

Alison said...

I was so sorry to hear the Payne family's story and will include them in my prayers. I have made a donation- it's not a lot but I hope it helps. The kit is beautiful and it's great that you are willing to do this to help others. The financial hardship this has placed them in is awful- makes you apreciate the NHS and Welfare State here in the UK.

Laura said...

Thanks for the kit, I'm always reminded no matter how bad I think it is, it could be so much worse. My heart and prayers go out to that family.

Jeanette said...

Might I suggest an online auction such as they had for Stephanie of the Nie Nie dialogues fame.

There was a main page that listed links to all the blogs with auctions and we each hosted a few items on our own pages for auctions with the paypal being sent to a single paypal account.

I would be more than willing to auction a few items for their cause, even though I had never heard of them until five minutes ago! And I believe the auctions were a tremendous success.

Jennifer said...

I am truly at a loss for words. I have made a donation -- I wish I could give more. Thank you for helping this family.

Lelia Pierce said...

Wow, Summer. What a heart wrenching story. I got chills while I was reading this. I am going to repost this on my blog and link back here...hopefully it will help get some more donations.


Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

This is a heart wrenching post. I am going to post this on my blog to try to pass the word so that others may help also. I will do what I can, it's not much but if everyone does a little bit you will raise what they need to help. I am not a digi scrapper but this is a nice kit to giveaway to those who do digi scrap.

Anonymous said...

thank you summer. so sorry to hear such a tragic story

Dragonlady said...

Hi Summer

You are a wonderful person doing this for little Easton. I have done a post on my blog to spread the word.
I will try to send a donation after work tomorrow - I am just sorry I can't send more.
Your kits are fantastic and I often use them so thank you.

Take care hugs Ali x

paperscissorsink said...

Heartbreaking story, thank you for the kit and letting us help.

Vanessa said...

Thank you for the kit. This precious family is in my prayers. Thank you for sharing.

Ginny said...

words can not express the sorrow I feel for this poor family, I will try and spread the word through my blog and 2 design teams I am on, thank you again for all you do

Wendy said...

I found your blog while reading Dustin Pike's post about this heart-breaking story. I will be praying for the Payne family and I wrote up a post linking back to Dustin's blog and yours. Thank you for sharing their story.

Lelia Pierce said...

Summer...I design for Dustin Pike's digi store, Doodle Dragon Studios and he sends out a freebie image every week. This week he has done 2 images and requested that a donation be made of $1 to help the Payne's. I hope we can do their family some good.


Ruthie said...

Hey Hun - came over from Dustin's blog - have posted this over on my blog - its a new one that aims to bring together crafters and designers who help each other...

here is the link


Tigger a(r)t work said...

I reading Dustin Pike's post about this story and I do my donate there- it's not a lot but I hope it helps. The kit is beautiful and it's great that you are willing to do this to help others. Thank you for your post.

deb said...

So sorry to hear of such tragedy with this family. Praying for them. Thank you for sweet kit. I sent small donation tonight.

Isabel said...

Heavenly Father bless you for what you do! I will pray that this family get all the economical and spiritual help that they need!

agravette said...

Just wanted to say thanks for all you do and let you know I donated. I cannot even begin to imagine the heartbreak and exhaustion these sweet people are up against. I'll be praying.

tracyhuntsman said...

This story is heartbreaking! I am not a digi scrapper--but will post this on my wall and help spread the word! Sending prayers out for them.

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

I want to talk about you and this on my blog. Where is your donate button ?
I am your newest follower also and would love if you follow me back.
What you are doing is great! I congratulate you for your help.

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

I just saw the donate button oups. Great!

High Heeled Life said...

Hi there, I am visiting via Frenchy's mention of you on her blog. This Family has gone through so much ... You are doing such a wonderful thing by making others aware ... this could be anyone of us. I have donated (I'm the Caledon, Canada) and I will pray that all that visit will do the same ... every little bit will help ..God Bless you and your family!!! I'm your newest follower, I will visit again. HHL

Shirley said...

THis is breaks my heart to read about. They are an amazing family, and hopefully help will soon be on it's way. I am adding them to my prayer lists and in the last week I've seen God perform some amazing miracles. Thank you for your generosity in helping them.

The kit is beautiful of course, as is all of your kits.

Anonymous said...

Praying for their family. My heart breaks for them...what a beautiful baby boy. thank you for sharing this so I can pray for them.

Christy said...

Check your pay pal account- thanks for the beautiful kit.

Leslie said...

Just found your blog and wanted to say a big thank you for all the kits I was able to download. Also sent a donation for the Payne family. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity and love through your art!

Gridley family said...

thank you for helping us help the Payne family, What a heartbreaking story.

Dustin Pike said...

I raised some money from my blog for this cause and need to know where I can send it, I don't want to send it paypal to you, then them with all the fees involved. Please contact me, I can't seem to find your email address anywhere. Dustin Pike

I am Nicole... said...

All children belong to God and His most basic desire is that we "just love them". The teaching, molding, etc. comes after this.
My cousin told me a story about a mom whose child was not even supposed to be born alive and now 9 years later, he is still blessing everyone who meets him. He has the cognitive and physical abilities of a newborn. Yet, God told his mom, just love him. For this she has been blessed. :-)

Ironically, my mom's name is Eastin and her maiden name is Payne. :-) She has had a tough life, but God has taken care of her, too.

pearita said...

Thank you for sharing the another best kit.

I hope their life will be better now.
In Thai,we all believe,The sky after storm will be clear!!

Tanya said...

I just came upon your blog looking at your wonderful creations and saw this post. I know it is years later but am wondering how is the baby doing? How is the family? I am including them on our prayer list. Thank you for your kindness and I must say.. you have a beautiful family and I have enjoyed your posts. Thanks for sharing !!

Tanya Stilwell

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