Sunday, November 21, 2010

Old Fashioned Christmas kit

Can you feel it? Winter is a comin'! Yesterday it was in the 70's here in Tucson. But today it was in the 60's. FINALLY it's feeling like winter is on it's way! (I know, 60 degrees probably feels like the summer time for many of you). I am so excited! Normally we wait until after Thanskgiving to decorate for Christmas. But, my older 2 girls just asked me if we could start decorating today. I thought, why not? So, guess what I'm doing once I finish this post?

When I think of Christmas, I really think of my own childhood memories of Christmas. Every year my grandma would make each of her grandkids something homemade. I remember one year Pound Puppies were the "in toy." Well, my grandma hand stitched us each our own Pound Puppy. She also would hand paint piggy banks. My grandpa was also gifted with wood. I remember him making us a baby crib for our dolls. I loved handmade gifts as a child. Sadly, I am not very gifted in the hand-made department (which is why I switched over from traditional scrapbooking to digital).

Every Christmas morning me and my 4 other siblings would line up in the hallway and wait for our parents to wake up. My oldest brother Adam would sometimes cheat and run down to the family room to sneak a peek and then run back. We never thought that was fair, but we were all too scared to try and do it ourselves. We continued to sit in the hallway when we were older. This picture was taken when I had already graduated from high school:

My mom would always make us Pillsbury pop-open Orange Rolls (the BEST, you've got to try them!) and eggs. We always had her famous hot cocoa as well. I have continued on this tradition with my own kids, as have my siblings with their families. Here was her hot cocoa recipe...only our family has changed it a little bit to be Hazelnut flavored (If you click here you can download this 4x6 image to print or be developed) :

I remember life being a lot slower back then. Now it seems to me that it's a lot busier, and fast-paced. I just hope that for my children, their memories are as happy as mine were. I know when I was a child my grandparents were always saying how when they were younger life moved at a slower pace. If it was slow for them as children, and fast for them when I was a child, and now I feel like it was slow for me as a child, but fast for my kids, I can only wonder what life will be like in 10 more years. (That was a lot of talking...I hope it made sense).

I hope you enjoy this kit, and that you can all have an Old Fashioned Christmas that is slow enough to enjoy the sweet little moments and make lots of memories!
Click here to download the free Old Fashioned Christmas kit:

I am trying this out. I've had lots of complaints using as my server for downloading the kits. I will try for those interested. Please let me know if it's any better. Below are the links for the kits at Megaupload (I think if you sign up for a free membership, you don't have to wait as long to download).