Friday, December 23, 2011

Explanation of the Christmas Card

If you are visiting because you found me on Pinterest, then welcome! Please read the previous post. I am receiving too many emails about how I created this card, that I cannot reply to them anymore. Hopefully in my previous post I can answer your questions.

Hey wonderful people! Apparently our Christmas card was pinned on Pinterest, and because of that I've had quite a number of people asking me if there's a template available. First of all, I am flattered that so many people have liked our card. Secondly, no, there is not a template. All we did was take our family picture in front of this warehouse garage. It already had the horizontal lines as you can see. I took my family's photo, left a space available for me, and then had my oldest daughter come trade places with me so I could stand in and take my photo. I Photoshopped myself in later and we obviously we switched Claire's head with the one below. Anyways, then with Photoshop I made it so the edges did not have the horizontal stripes so I could type in the numbers. (Oh, and I made my girls' shoes red, because I just thought it needed that extra punch!) Hopefully this will help those interested. Have a Merry's almost here!