Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Valentine's Cards this year

*Read my "learn from my mistakes" tips at the bottom of post.

Well, since I'm not super creative when it comes to "crafty mom ideas", I came up with this idea based on what we did last year for our Valentine's Cards. I think it turned out pretty cute! We just printed them as 4x6 images (I always choose "lustre" or "matte" finish from either Wal-mart or Costco). Then I used a hole puncher to punch a hole on the top and bottom of the hand. Then we just used the small lollipop baggies from Wal-Mart and put a spoonful of candy corns in them. We had to twist the end of the bag real tight and then we pushed the end of the bag through the bottom hole, and came back up through the top hole. Then we finished it off with a bow (well, Brock's we did just a knot so it would look more "manly"). Although it took an afternoon to do them all, it was good to visit with each child individually as we worked together to complete them.


1) Don't fill the bag up too much with candy. It was much easier to do twist and tie Brock's bags because he didn't fill his up as much.

2) When you make these, if you crop it so that the hand is closer to the edge, it will be better because then you can make the holes just using a standard hole puncher. If the fist is too far away from the edge, then you'll have to use a different method (like I had to last year). My kids' fists were at a perfect distance from the edge.

3) I wished I had a little more room on Annika's between the fist and the text. The top of her baggie covers up a lot of the text. It's not a huge deal because the friends can just move the bag to read it, but me having the slight case of OCD that I have, I like how Brock's turned out the best.