Tuesday, January 15, 2013

All is Calm kit

Whew! It has been a busy season at the Driggs' household. We have moved to a new house and have really enjoyed getting settled and making new friends. Christmas was wonderful and the greatest part about it was getting to spend time with family.

A few days before Christmas, my grandmother (whom I called Gram) passed away. This was my mom's mother and she was an elect lady...one who I looked up to for knowledge, grace, priorities, pride in her posterity of 100 total grandchildren and great-grandchildren, love for her 5 daughters (my mother was one of them), love for her husband, love of God and love of living. She enjoyed nature and was proud of her rose garden.  

Even though she lived in Utah and I always lived in Arizona, I never felt distant from her. She was remarkable at keeping in touch and writing letters and making phone calls. I always felt that she had time for me and was interested in the going-ons of my life. She was a woman of faith and prayed for me and the rest of her family in times of need and she always taught me to turn to our Heavenly Father for strength and guidance.

Gram always taught me to take the time to quietly enjoy nature. While I was in Utah for the funeral, I had a moment when I was looking around at the beautiful winter scenery. December 22nd was the day of the funeral, and that is actually the same day that my own mom had passed away 6 years ago. There was snow on the ground, the sky was a beautiful light blue, and there were bare trees with these vibrant red berries on them. I loved capturing that image and it stuck with me until last week when I decided it was time to make a kit. Although I had wanted to make a Christmas kit, everything got to be too busy and I thought this one would be more appropriate for the feelings I've had. As much as I miss my Gram, I am so happy that she can be with my mom now, as well as my aunt Robin (my mom's younger sister who died a few months ago from cancer). 

I hope you can all take time to have quiet moments and enjoy nature and reflect on people who have made a difference in your life. Treasure your family and take every opportunity to tell them you love them. I hope you enjoy this kit called "All Is Calm".

Click here to download the FREE All Is Calm kit:

And a few of you have emailed wanting to see our Christmas card this year. Here is the front and back. I have also included our card from the previous year. Any years prior to that one were not the creative type...just a standard design of the fam. But the "I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus" began it all. Once we did that one, we knew we could never have a normal card ever again.