Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Patio Picnic kit

Hello there! I hope you all are doing well. I am going to ask a quick favor of anyone who would be willing to do something for me. I have entered a small local photo contest through our realtor's website. There were 122 submissions in the sunrise/sunset category, and the photo I took has been chosen to be one of the top 10 in that category!!! I am so giddy! If you would be willing, I would love if you would vote for my photo. The contest goes until March 29th, so I would love it even more if you would vote lots and lots for it! I took this picture one morning before I took the kids to school. This is the view we have from our new home and I just LOVE it here. We have such amazing sunrises and sunsets and I am just in awe whenever I see them. Below the picture is a link that will take you directly to my picture called "Sunrise at our New House":

Alright, onto my latest kit. Don't you just love spring? I am sure those who live where it snows REALLY love the spring. My sister lives in Utah, and I have to remember that when I am complaining that it is already in the 80's here in Tucson, she is still bundling her kiddos up for school each day. We did have one day where it actually snowed here last week and it was so amazing. My kids got to build a snowman for one day! My husband Cory had been out of town for work and missed it, and was still going to be gone 4 more days. The day after it snowed, our snowman fell over into a big pile. My 7-year-old son Brock covered it with a towel in hopes that he could save some of it for his dad to see. Each day went by and each day that mound got smaller and smaller. But when Cory had come back home, there was still just a little bit of grassy snow saved for him (about the size of a loaf of bread). Brock was so excited to still have some left!

Now that it is turning into spring, the desert just smells so beautiful. I love the distinct smell of desert blossoms. It reminds me of my childhood and going on hikes with my family. Now that we live out on some land in the desert, we get to see rabbits, hawks, coyotes, javelina (very unattractive wild pigs), ground squirrels, and wait for it....wait for it...SNAKES! I am NOT too thrilled to see snakes. I saw one a few days ago (luckily not a rattlesnake), but I have seen some smooshed ones on the road, which I admit brings a smile to my face. Regardless of the snakes, spring is such a beautiful time and a time to spend outdoors.

Each night our family has been eating our dinner outside on the patio and I LOVE it. I love to spend these times outdoors to listen to nature. And where we live we hardly hear any cars. We have a beautiful view of the Pusch Ridge Mountains, and saguaro cactii all around. So beautiful! We are experiencing spring in an entirely new way this year and we are loving it!

This new kit called Patio Picnic just makes me think about the beautiful time spent outdoors enjoying spring. I hope that the weather where you live will allow you to get to be outside soon enough and take advantage of the beautiful creations on this earth, and to enjoy nature with those you love!

Patio Picnic kit:

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