Thursday, December 12, 2013

Three Part Frame

It's been awhile! I hope you are all doing wonderful this winter season. I am just about done with a Christmas kit, but I thought I'd post this little frame you could use if you were designing your own holiday card, or you can use it whenever! There are three parts to it. You'll have to follow THIS TUTORIAL using only steps 5 thru 7 to do it right. Make sure the image you want to use is ABOVE the layer of the black frame before you create the clipping mask. For the other two layers just make a rectangle the color you'd like to go over the dotted edge and the thin line edge and follow the above steps. (I hope that makes sense).

But this is a picture of my gorgeous sister-in-law and her cutest family that I made into a card using the frame.
(The fonts I used were Sketch Rockwell and Witched)

Click here to download the psd file of the three-part frame